5 Best Hardtail 29er

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Liam E.

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Jan 03, 22


Hardtails continue to be one best selling bicycles ever, and there is a reason why. Compared to full-suspension mountain bikes, hardtails are easier to maintain, lightweight, which makes them faster, simple, and more responsive. This makes them very appealing to many riders.

If you’re new to cycling and don’t know what a hardtail bike is, this is an all-terrain bike that comes with only front suspension. These bicycles cost less than their full-suspension counterparts and can teach valuable mountain bike riding skills by forcing riders to choose their lines carefully.

If you are looking for a 29-inch hardtail race machine, one of the 5 best hardtail 29ers we review in this article should do it for you.

Our biker experts and riding nerds thoroughly tested these hardtail 29ers to confirm that they offer outstanding performance off-road or wherever you use them. All reviews are independent and in no way influenced by advertisers or bike companies.

So, here are the Best Hardtail 29er Bikes:

  1. Cannondale F29
  2. Motobecane 529HT
  3. Mongoose Impasse HD
  4. Schwinn Ascension
  5. Diamondback Overdrive 29er

Cannondale F29 Review

This bike has all that you need. Quality, great-looking design, and affordable price. The Cannondale F29 is an outstanding piece of machinery, and we highly recommend it!

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Motobecane 529HT Review

Excellent bike with high-end components, ready to provide you with comfortable and challenging riding experience. The Motobecane 529 HT is definitely one of the best bikes available at this price range.

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Mongoose Impasse HD Review

The Mongoose Impasse HD is the perfect entry-level mountain bike with large tires that can roll over rough terrains with ease. Great bicycle for beginners.

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Schwinn Ascension 29 Review

This would be a great bike for someone who is thinking about getting into mountain biking.

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Diamondback Overdrive 29er Review

The Overdrive 29 sports many high end components that seem too good to be true for a bike at this price. We’re calling all beginner mountain bikers, if you’re looking to get on a trail at a competitive price, this is the bike for you.

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Hardtails are versatile bikes that you’ll enjoy riding no matter where you go. So whether you’re looking for the perfect hardtail to use for the leisure weekend off-road rides or bike competitions, use this best hardtail 29ers guide to help you choose a hardtail to buy. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the overall performance of the bikes we recommend.

Maybe we will see you and your new 29er hardtail on the trails soon!