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Kent, Washington, USA

Diamondback is one of biggest bike brands in the U.S. The company started in 1977 primarily as a BMX bike manufacturer has really grown and now produces road, commuter, hybrid, mountain, women, and kids bikes.The bike company doesn’t only sell their products in America. They also sell Diamondback bikes around the world in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Indian. The company sells their bikes directly from their website, but depending on which part of the world you live in, you can purchase a Diamondback at your local bike store, sports-goods retailers and Amazon.com.What attracts riders to Diamondback is the high-quality components used to make their bikes, and the overall excellent performance and comfort. You can get a Diamondback bike for as low as $150, and prices can go all the way up to $8,000 for a top-of-the-line bike.To ensure they meet the needs of their customers, Diamondback continuously innovates. This innovation enables them to upgrade their bike models each year, and also roll out new bikes. Diamondback manufactures their bikes at Kinesis Industry, China. Their headquarters are located in Kent, Washington, USA.Professional riders have used Diamondback bikes at many cycling competitions, including the Olympics and US BMX races. That, however, doesn’t mean that these bikes are for expert riders only. Diamondback caters for all types of riders.So if you’re an amateur cyclist, don’t fear to check out our expert Diamondback bike reviews, below!