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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Fuji bikes got their name and logo from Mount Fuji. The highest peak in Japan, where the bicycle company was founded in 1889.The company, which is one of the oldest bike manufacturers worldwide, makes different bicycle models for all types of riding. So if you want a mountain, road, electric, race, kids, or any other bike model, Fuji has got something that will meet your biking needs.What attracts many riders to Fuji bikes is their good quality and affordable price. You can get a decent Fuji bicycle for as low as $300 while their premium bikes go for about $5000.To develop high-performance and race-winning bikes, Fuji works with top engineers, mechanics, and the professional athletes they sponsor in different cycling competitions. This strategy of designing bikes is what has kept the bike company alive for all those years it has been in existence.Fuji doesn’t only produce bikes. They also manufacture bike components and cycling gear.If you’re considering buying a Fuji bike, please check out our expert Fuji bike reviews below. From the bicycles we have reviewed, you should be able to find one that is durable, tough, attractive, affordable, and has impressive specs!