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Taichung City, Taiwan

Giant Manufacturing Company is the world’s largest bike manufacturer. This Taiwanese company, which is listed on the Taipei, Taiwan stock exchange, sold bikes worth over $2.1 billion in 2019. This was an increase from 2018 when Giant sold 6.6 million bikes worth $1.9 billion.The bicycle manufacturer produces all types of bikes from mountain, road, commuter to kids bike. Recently, the company has placed great emphasis on creating the best e-bikes because interest in this bike line has significantly increased its revenues over the last few years.Giant manufactures their bikes in Taiwan, China, Netherlands, and recently from Hungary. To make their bicycles, they use the latest technology and work with top cycling teams and athletes to come up with lighter, stronger, faster bikes that win races. Giant sells its bikes in over 50 countries through bike retail stores and online.Whether you’re an amateur rider or professional, looking for a budget or premium bike, Giant has a bike that will give you what you want in a bicycle. To get specs for different Giant bikes, check out our reviews of bicycles from this manufacture below!