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Ferndale, Washington, USA

Kona is a Canadian bicycle company founded by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron, two cycling enthusiasts. The company was among the first to manufacture mountain bikes back in the 80s when mountain biking was gaining popularity as a sport.The company has a solid reputation for building some of the best mountain bikes ever. Due to their high-performance Kona mountain bikes have won numerous world championships. However, the company doesn’t only produce mountain bikes. They have an extensive line of bicycles, including road, hybrid, electric, kids, and cyclocross bikes. These bikes are made using steel, titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber. The bikes are sold in over 60 countries.You may not instantly recognize Kona as a bicycle brand, but we can assure you they have good quality bikes that cater for all types of riders and budget.Read our expert Kona bike reviews below to find out more about this bicycle brand.