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Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.

When Mongoose started manufacturing bikes in 1974, they only made high-quality BMX bicycles. Now close to half a century later, the Mongoose product line includes mountain, urban, road, cruiser, kids, and women’s bikes. The company also manufactures scooters and bike components. Mongoose bikes fall into two categories. The most popular are the discount bikes that you can find in department stores. The second category is the higher-end Mongoose bicycles sold at speciality bikes stores and on their website.The top-of-the-line Mongoose bikes are designed for professional riders. These bikes have perfect frames and high-end components. Prices for high-end bicycles can go up to $4,000. The Mongoose department store bikes are affordably priced, for example, there are several Mongoose mountain bikes for under $200.The low price, however, means these bikes don’t have the stiffest frames or quality features. A Mongoose discount bike will be OK for you if you want an entry-level bicycle to use for work, store, or neighbourhood rides. Extreme biking on a Mongoose discount bike is a no-no. But don’t get me wrong, properly taken care of these bikes can serve you well for a long time.Looking to buy a Mongoose bike check out Mongoose bike reviews below.