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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Montague Bikes was named after its founders Harry Montague and David Montague. The company, founded in 1987 by a father and son duo, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of full-size folding bikes. When they started their company, David and Harry had one goal in mind, to make a folding bike that easily fits in a car trunk and rides smoothly. A Montague folding bike can be convenient for you if you have limited space because you quickly break down the bike and put it in the trunk of your car or a home closet for storing. You also don’t have to worry if your bike will be safe when you go into a building because you can simply fold it and go in with it.The process of folding a Montague bike takes less than 30 seconds. Levers on the wheel and frame, which can be quickly released, is all it takes to fold and unfold a Montague bike.Other features you’ll like about their products include full-size wheels for a better and smoother ride, sturdy and durable frame, easy bike assembly, and lightweight for easy carrying.Most Montague bicycles are mountain or commuter bikes that come in different models and ride as good as regular bikes. The downside is that you have to pay more for a folding bike than you would for the traditional bicycle.Check out our Montague bike reviews below for more details on bikes from this bicycle brand.