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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Motobecane is a U.S. bicycle company that manufactures its bikes in Taiwan, then imports them to the United States under the company name. Kinesis Industry, is the company that produces bicycles for Motobecane. The Taiwan company also manufactures bicycles for other bike brands like Diamondback, GT, Raleigh, Redline, and Schwinn.If you’re a bike guru, you might know about the French company Motobécane. This company which at its prime was known for building high-quality steel bikes with Shimano and Sun tour high-end bike components has no connection to Motobecane USA. So don’t confuse the two. Motobécane France became bankrupt in the 1980s and was bought by Yamaha. It only manufactures scooters now. You can buy different bike models from them, including full suspension, hardtails, road, and women-specific bikes. Steel, titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber are used to make the various Motobecane bike models. These materials offer different levels of performance, comfort, and durability.If you buy a Motobecane bike, it comes with a good warranty. For example, if you buy a bike with a titanium frame, you get a 100-year warranty on the frame. Steel frames have a 20-year warranty while aluminum has 10 years on it. Read more about this bike brand in our Motobecane bike reviews below.