Yosuda Stationary bike YB001

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Aug 26, 22

Yosuda Stationary  bike YB001

Exercise bikes by YOSUDA appeared only a few years ago on the market, and their Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike L-001A (sometimes marked as YB001) model has already become famous. Many professionals recommend this affordable product for beginners, and if you are interested to learn more details, check our in-depth review!The YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike L-001A is a friction-resistance model with a 35-pound flywheel that arrives in a large carton box. To unbox it properly, you should start from the bottom flaps of the box and simply lift it off. Inside, you’ll get a semi-assembled spin bike that is secured with two large pieces of foam plastic.Other components that you’ll need to attach are the front and back stabilizers, pedals, seat, handlebar with tablet holder, and an exercise monitor. The tools, nuts, and bolts are included here, but the multi-wrench appears to be slippery and not very reliable. For quicker assembly, it’s best to use your tools and refer to video below, and the process will take around 15-20 minutes.

Features overview


The steel frame of the bike is incredibly sturdy and stable, while also being quite compact. Thanks to that, YOSUDA L-001A takes minimum space and can hold a biker that weighs up to 270 pounds.

The construction of this spin bike provides plenty of room for knees, so you can do any type of workout with it. Additionally, there is a bottle holder on its middle bar to keep you hydrated during your training sessions.

The average weight of the construction makes it easier to move around.


Another nice touch from the manufacturer is the adjustable stabilizers that we’ve already mentioned. They help to install this spin bike on uneven floors so that it doesn’t feel wobbly. With the half-hidden knobs, you can raise its legs to level it.

The front stabilizer boasts wheels so you can tip the exercise bike back and move it freely. Just keep in mind that these might be quite small for carpets. Still, they work well for other floorings.

The front stabilizer boasts wheels so you can tip the exercise bike back and move it freely. Just keep in mind that these might be quite small for carpets. Still, they work well for other floorings.


The angled design of a handlebar allows putting your elbows on it to keep your spine relaxed or use multiple grip positions depending on your likings. The soft grippy texture here resembles foam material and is nice to touch.

The stem has holes for adjustability that are located quite far from each other. This means that there are no micro-adjustments. On the other hand, it has markers, so you can remember your preferred height.


Unlike the handlebar post, the seat post comes with holes, but the distance between them is very low for improved precision.

The premium race-style seat is pretty wide and firm, such as seen with high-end bikes. Also, it is 4-way adjustable, and you can change its angle. The latter is very important, especially if you wish to avoid saddle soreness. With proper adjustments, the pressure on some points will be reduced for optimal weight distribution. The big plush seat feels light and has a cutout for improved comfort. Below, you’ll find springs that make it as bouncy as a real bike.

You can adjust the seat angle by tipping it forward and back. As you finish, you’ll only need to tighten the nuts. Next, it slides and secures with a knob allowing you to find the optimal distance between the seat and handlebar. A few owners noticed that it might come loose after a few sessions, but you can tighten it once again within a few seconds.

The seat post can be moved up and down depending on the length of your legs. Just like a front stem, this one also has holes and a knob with a bolt.

Unfortunately, several customers admitted that it was too short for them despite 7 height levels.

Flywheel and resistance levels

The 35-pound belt-driven flywheel appears to be too lightweight, so it lacks inertia and is very easy to stop. This might affect the overall experience of the spin bike, but again, it’s a basic option with plenty of great features for beginners.

As such, it comes with a pure wool pad that works like brakes on a bike. It adds more resistance when pressed down with a clockwise twist of a knob and reduces it when released. Of course, it will wear in time because of friction, but the manufacturer included an extra one, so you won’t have to search for a replacement soon.

It runs smoothly but has minimal vibrations that you won’t get on a magnetic-resistance exercise bike. Thus, it is a bit noisy, so your neighbors or relatives can hear it in the next room.

The resistance knob is made of cheap plastic and might feel flimsy, which is a downside of this model. Also, there is no indication of the current resistance level, which makes it harder to track your progress.

The good news is it offers a very high max resistance level compared to models that use magnets, so you can get a good workout with it.


The Q-factor of the Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike is 190 millimeters. The pedals are dual-sided with both SPD cleats and cage toe clips with adjustable straps. Thus, you’ll be able to decide between regular sneakers and professional-grade cycling shoes.

The steel pedals that you get here are standard for entry-level spin bikes. The toe cage makes it more convenient for you to use almost any sneakers.

The strap and buckle system will hold your feet firmly in place. You can adjust it according to your feet size, and release it after your training is complete.

Exercise monitor

The user-friendly exercise monitor features a one-button operation and gives you access to a timer, speed, distance, calories, and odometer. It activates as you begin spinning and continues your last session, so you don’t have to waste your time and mess with the settings.

It’s a shame that it doesn’t include cadence, power output, or current resistance level, so you’ll have to use 3rd party apps and gadgets to get more info about your workout.

Below the monitor, you can find a plastic tablet holder that also fits phones. If you are fine with the basic parameters, simply remove it, and you’ll add a bit more space for your close handgrip.

Dimensions and weight

If you have limited space in your house, this can be an ideal option with 40 by 22 by 45 inches size. Thanks to the slim shape of both frame and handlebar, it easily fits in a corner of any room without being too bulky.

The total weight of this spin bike is 72.75 pounds, so you’ll need to tip it on its wheels before trying to change its location.

Who is this bike perfect for?

If you are a beginner, it’s worth considering given the benefits this model has. For starters, the plush seat is very comfortable. Its basic design is far from being minimalistic because of the adjustability of this indoor spin bike. As if it’s not enough, it’s very quick to put together.

Although it’s not ideal for taller people due to a shorter seat post, there should be no issues with finding the right position if you have an average height. Given an affordable price, it’s hard to complain about minor drawbacks that we’ve found here. The best part is the max resistance it offers, helping you to build your strength and muscles.

Compact and sturdy frame

4-way adjustable seat with suspension

Stabilizers with wheels for maneuverability

The flywheel can be a bit noisy

The exercise monitor includes only basic parameters

Comparison with competitors

If you take a closer look at YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike L-001A and similar picks, there won’t be any extra features like compatibility with exercise apps or advanced stats. However, these are excellent for both quick and intensive workouts if this is your first indoor cycling bike or you wish to get it at the lowest price possible

Resistance type Friction Magnetic Friction Friction
Resistance levels Infinitely-variable Infinitely-variable Infinitely-variable Infinitely-variable
Drivetrain Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive
Flywheel Front, 35 lbs. Front, 35 lbs. Front, 36 lbs. Front, 36 lbs.
Display Timer, speed, distance, calories, and odometer Timer, speed, distance, calories, and odometer Timer, speed, distance, calories, and odometer Timer, speed, distance, calories, and odometer
Adjustability Seat and handlebar Seat and handlebar Seat and handlebar Seat and handlebar
Max weight 270 lbs. 280 lbs. 330 lbs. 280 lbs.
Extra features Bottle holder, tablet holder, stabilizers with wheels, 4-way adjustable seat Dual bottle holder, stabilizers with wheels, 4-way adjustable seat Bottle holder, tablet holder, transportation wheels, 4-way adjustable seat Bottle holder, tablet holder, stabilizers with wheels, 4-way adjustable seat
Price Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

As seen from the table, the models in this price range have similar features, with only one exception JOROTO X2 having a magnetic resistance mechanism. The final choice here mainly depends on the preferred design, shape of the handlebar, micro-adjustments of seat and stem, and the overall performance during exercises.


Who said that you can’t find a decent spin bike in a budget-friendly category? The YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike L-001A is a great example of a model that suits both newcomers and seasoned sportspeople. It offers impressive resistance and has a well-balanced construction with decent adjustability.

Despite it being a bit small for shorter people, any person with average height will appreciate its sturdiness and ease of use. You’ll be able to put everything together in less than an hour and begin your training with maximum comfort thanks to an ergonomic handlebar and wide squishy seat.

As soon as you’ll become confident with your preferences towards spin bikes, you’ll be ready for an upgrade if needed.