Schwinn IC4

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Aug 26, 22

Schwinn IC4

Established in 1895, Schwinn is renowned for a wide variety of great bikes, accessories, and exercise machines, and IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike (also known as BowflexC6 or Schwinn IC800 for different countries) is no exception.

The first thing that you’ll notice is a noiseless and smooth operation, which allows sportspeople to do workouts without disturbing anyone around. That noise levels are reduced thanks to the belt-driven magnetic flywheel and the overall build quality.

The glossy color scheme with gray and black combination and some red and white elements make it very attractive and elegant. In terms of comfort, it’s worth mentioning that all its important parts can be easily adjusted either with a knob or a quick-access lever.

As for the recommended user’s height, it’s 4’6″ – 6’6″. Next, the durable metal frame can hold up to 330 pounds, which is higher compared to similar models.

For both pros and beginners, this model offers plenty of useful features and allows commencing training sessions right after delivery. Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Features Overview


The manufacturer created this model with durability and comfort in mind. Except for a few plastic elements, everything feels super solid, the paint layer is perfect. The best part here is that won’t chip even after years of heavy use.

Nothing feels shaky, and you’ll be surprised to know that every knob on the frame has rubberized texture for precise control, as well as long handles, ensuring tighter grip and ease of use.

Just be careful with the plastic belt cover and tell your kids not to step on it as the nearest metal bar sits below it and doesn’t protect it. Also, the wheels aren’t its strongest point. Unfortunately, they don’t have bearings inside, but this is only a minor drawback because you won’t move your spin bike that often.

Some might say that the fork could be a bit wider for better stability. However, nothing should go wrong if you install it properly and use a bike trainer mat to avoid vibrations.


The wide handlebar features a matte grip texture and is angled downward for better comfort. Because it has a nice shape, soft feel, and 4-way adjustability, you’ll be able to get the most of this exercise bike.

If you want to set the proper height, it even allows micro-adjustments as there are no holes on the post. This is quite rare among mid-priced models and is usually found in the premium segment.

Once you notice that your handlebar sits lower than before – there is nothing wrong with it. Simply remove it and give it a thorough clean.

Below the handlebar, you’ll find a rubber-coated dual bottle holder. It’s a shame that we’ve found a few complaints about them sitting too low so that the knees might touch it. The solution is simple – reverse the bottle or raise the bar. Another way to forget about this once and for all is to remove the bottle holder. It is attached only with two bolts at each side, and you can place it a bit further and screw it with only one bolt so that your knees won’t come in contact with it.

Additionally, there are small cradles for weights in them near the bottle holder. This is a nice touch from a manufacturer for more intense workouts


Unlike the handlebar post, the seat post comes with holes, but the distance between them is very low for improved precision.

The premium race-style seat is pretty wide and firm, such as seen with high-end bikes. Also, it is 4-way adjustable, and you can change its angle. The latter is very important, especially if you wish to avoid saddle soreness. With proper adjustments, the pressure on some points will be reduced for optimal weight distribution.

Flywheel and resistance levels

Whisper-silent belt-driven flywheel boasts 100 resistance levels, and it takes only 4 full rotations to switch from zero to maximum. At 40 lbs, its weight feels optimal, and you can spin it with one finger. Nevertheless, when the resistance is set to zero, there is still no free spin.

The resistance knob feels nice to touch and is intuitive, so is no rocket science to adjust it. On top of that, at max resistance, it might feel a bit less hard to spin compared to premium models. Still, it all comes down to personal preferences, and the overall feel is impressive for an indoor exercise bike.


The Q-factor of the Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike is 190 millimeters. The pedals are dual-sided with both SPD cleats and cage toe clips with adjustable straps. Thus, you’ll be able to decide between regular sneakers and professional-grade cycling shoes.

The rubberized pedal platform prevents the shoe from slipping or rocking, and your feet will sit firmly in place.

Right upon delivery, the pedals might feel loose. Luckily, they are very easy to tighten to provide you with the required feel for your training sessions.

LCD console

At the top of the handlebar, you’ll find a backlit screen that displays RPM, training session time, calories burned, distance, speed, current resistance level, and even heart rate. As a gift, the manufacturer sends a convenient armband with Bluetooth connectivity. The good news is that it requires charging only once per two weeks or so even if you use it almost every day. As if it’s not enough, a one-button operation will allow you to waste no time before your workouts.

Let’s get back to the screen. It activates with a simple turn of the pedal and has a USB charging port for various devices that you can install near it. For instance, there is a tablet holder so that you can watch YouTube videos or take part in instructor-led training. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to adjust the holder or change the angle.

App compatibility

By default, there will be no required monthly payments or subscriptions, so you can use the bike instantly. But if you have a tablet, it’s very simple to join fitness apps and get access to more parameters, functions, and measurements to make the most of the bike. For example, you’ll be able to use Zwift, RGT, Peloton digital app, and more. This is a helpful feature for those who want to check cadence and power output.

Here, you can check the app compatibility of the Schwinn IC4:


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Dimensions and weight

For those who want to know how much space it takes indoors, its dimensions are 47.8 x 21.2 x 51.8 inches. Next, its weight is ‎106 pounds, and it improves the stability, which is required for higher RPMs.

But there is no need to worry about moving it around the room as there are two wheels to help you with that. The furniture will also remain safe due to plastic covers on each leg.


The warranty on this product’s components has the following period:

⦁ ‎1 year on electrical components,

⦁ 90 days on labor,

⦁ 10 years on frame,

⦁ 3 years on parts

The service is helpful, and it doesn’t matter on what platform you’ve purchased it. the company will solve any issues in no time.

Who is this bike perfect for?

This well-balanced option offers a few extra features that you’ll get without paying too much. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist who wants to continue training at home or a beginner, Schwinn IC4 is an excellent pick that won’t require an upgrade any time soon.

There are cheaper models available on the market, but only a few of them have that value for the money. For example, an adjustable handlebar with no holes in the post is usually found in high-end models that cost 2-3 times more. Also, cheaper indoor bikes can get wobbly and loud after a month, while this one remains quiet, so you can continue your training without thinking of maintenance fuss.

Of course, it’s not ideal and has some drawbacks like cheap plastic wheels, or the inconvenient bottle holder positioning. All in all, these are only minor issues that can be fixed with a screwdriver, and you’ll be able to enjoy the durability and user-friendliness of this product.

Fully adjustable seat and handlebar

Rugged and stable frame

Intuitive LCD console

Cheap plastic wheels

Bottle holder installed too close to the knees

Comparison with competitors

It’s worth noting that this model succeeds in adjustability over some more expensive options. For example, some pricier Peloton indoor bikes might come without 4-way adjustments.

Below, you can see a comparison table with a previous model by Schwinn and pricier options by Peloton and NordicTrack.

Resistance type Magnetic Friction Magnetic Magnetic
Resistance levels 100 levels Infinitely-variable 100 levels 24 levels
Drivetrain Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive
Flywheel Front, 40 lbs. Front, 40 lbs. Front, 38 lbs. Front, 32 lbs.
Display LCD console with heart rate, time, distance, calories, and RPMs. LCD console with heart rate, time, distance, calories, and RPMs. Built-in tablet with heart rate, distance, cadence, power, and more Built-in tablet with distance, cadence, power, and more
Adjustability Seat and handlebar Seat and handlebar Seat and handlebar Seat and handlebar
Max weight 330 lbs. 300 lbs. 297 lbs. 330 lbs.
Extra features Bottle and weights holders, heart monitor armband, dual pedals Bottle holder, dual pedals Wi-Fi, bottle holdere Bottle and weights holders, Wi-Fi, built-in fan, 2” speakers with amplifier
Price Amazon Amazon Peloton Amazon

While with Schwinn IC4, you won’t be able to track power, and the RPMs bar is not very convenient for some, there is no big difference when it comes to the build quality, functions, or construction.

Expensive models do come with built-in tablets, but the functionality of Schwinn IC4 right out from the box is still very impressive.


If you are new to the world of indoor cycling, getting the Schwinn IC4 bike is an excellent idea. It is packed with all the useful functions that you’ll need during your workouts. Furthermore, you’ll get a heart monitor armband, so you’ll be able to track this parameter at all times. Along with the affordable price, you’ll get a sturdy exercise machine that you are more likely won’t want to replace soon.

For pros, this model looks attractive as well because of dual pedals, impressive precision of resistance levels, and 4-way adjustability of seat and handlebar. If you don’t need a built-in tablet and don’t mind the lack of several parameters in its LCD console, this model is worth considering.